School Backpack

It's inevitable. It's coming. Everyone now comes back to school! As the first day of school looms on the horizon, you'll definitely need your pens, papers, folders, and of course, something to put all these things into. School backpacks are now "in" again, and the RTP store is more than ready for this shopping bonanza! We have curated the best school bags all around the world so that you will find the perfect one for you, whether you’re in your first year of high school or last year of college.

School backpacks, or school bags, are those bags specifically designed for use by schoolgoers. To be utilized by students, most of these bags are packed with lots of pockets for most school paraphernalia and there’s even those with laptop support, adjusting to the modernizing life of a common scholar. Of course, these backpacks are made to be strong enough for your daily school commute.

As a new academic year starts, we at RTP have prepared ourselves for your needs. From canvas rucksacks to backpacks with chargers, from designer to high school and middle school bags, the choices of your school backpacks here is simply inexhaustible; you can even find the perfect bag for each type of student in your class! Of course, made with students in mind, these bags are great not just for carrying your supplies, but also your dreams for a better life in the future.

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